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Welcome to The-Free-Pens!

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The-Free-Pens is a group for ALL kinds of writing: prose, poetry, fanfiction, original fiction, non-fiction, romantic, horrific, homosexual, heterosexual, and so on! We'd love it if you would join and share your writing with us!

Anyone interested in submitting written works, please don't be shy about asking to join. All are welcome. We accept all genres. We only have a fair few rules:

:bulletred:All fan-fiction submissions must
contain credits to the original creators
of the TV show/movie/book being

:bulletred:All submissions, comments,
or blog entries that violate
DA's rules of etiquette
will be reported. I want
this club to be respectable.

:bulletred:If you submit a deviation that is not your own, WE WILL DENY IT. If you want it to be in our club that badly, then you can suggest it to our FAVORITES, or convince whoever wrote it to join the club THEMSELVES.

:bulletred: Members are limited to four submissions per week.

Other than that, you are welcome to do whatever you want.


We support having a generation free from AIDS: :thumb271967031:

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I thought I would wish everyone in this group and the whole of dA a very Merry Christmas ...
I've been very impressed with much of the work that has been uploaded over the past year ... may this long continue and may 2013 prove even more inspirational  for everyone ...

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  

These are a couple of my Christmas offerings ...
I hope you enjoy them ...    "Christmas Greeting" (Phoetry) …
Christmas Greeting -by Cornish Poet Clive Blake by CliveBlake    "Is There Anyone For Stuffing?" (Christmas Humor) …
Is There Anyone For Stuffing? - Christmas Humor by CliveBlake
There are people who feel that fan characters aren't original enough to be published among other original characters, which sometimes get called "original-original characters". Like, "Only original-original characters are allowed! NO fan characters!" and some openly downright look down on fan characters in comparasion to the other originals.

I don't understand. (And I want to make clear now, that I don't have any personal complaints about this matter, this is just something that interests me and I wish to offer food for thought to people who have that mind-set.)

Is it because fan characters are using elements and may or may not be following the rules, of a universe created by someone else as in of a pre-existing universe? Well, you know, THIS universe we live in is just as much pre-existing and has its rules as any fictional one. So, in the terms of originality, if you shut out fan characters, shouldn't you shut out any character created into our universe as well? But then again, maybe you do and feel that only characters created into a self-created universe are "original-originals".

I'm not so sure if the term "original-original" can ever be valid, at this point of published human creativity. But if you're determined to use such a term, I think it applies only to self-created species, such as the hobbits by Tolkien. Or unique type of pre-existing species, such as the Twilight vampires. (I personally categorize them as their own species called the meyerpire, because vampires do not sparkle.) As in I think "original-original" might apply not to a character in essence but only to its species.

As for a fictional character itself, I personally think that basically there never was anything but simply original characters:
- to begin with there are the original characters that are created into this universe or into a self-created fictional one.
- those characters get a second name; "canon character", when talked about in relation to fanfiction on them or their universe.
- "fan characters" are original characters created by a fan into a fictional universe/story that was created by someone else. They are the reason why the term "canon character" exists. But the name is the only aspect that gets complex, Because a fan character originates from a mind just like any other character.

Think about it. What would be different if fanfiction didn't exist, if no one ever created a character into someone else's universe/story? The characters that are now refered to as "original-original" would be exactly the same. The characters that are now refered to as "fan characters" would go through exactly the same creation process, only with a some other base; some other source of inspiration and some other universe to write it into. As for the rules of a universe...You know, one doesn't have to follow canon rules. That's the beauty of fanfiction; it can be alternate universe and therefore the character creation can be as free as you want to.

But even if you chose to stay strictly faithful to the canon rules...The way I see it, the universe  is only the setting for the character's developmental possibilities. It's the life story, the personality and the psychology that makes it a character. And those aspects origin from the characters creator's mind equally much no matter who created the setting/universe it's written into.

Therefore I really don't see how would the universe take anything away from a character's originality or worthiness. The only thing where I can see the universe matter, is if the original character's creator wanted to publish stories or other art about that character in that universe.
I don't know but I think the same would go for the universe's/original story's owner; if they wanted to publish stories or other art about a character created by a fan - even if it was created into their universe and story, they would first need a permission from that fan. Because the character itself and its personal story is intellectual property of its creator.

Hence, I believe all original characters are equally original. People just like to use different sets of tools for creation and development.

What do other fiction authors think about any of this?
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Thank you!
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Hi!, Thanks for letting me in ^.^
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THX for accepting my request.
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If you have time, dear writers, why not do this self-interview: [link]
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hello, I'm looking for a writer for a project I'll work on

>> [link] <<

it will be a otome visual novel (when the main char is a girl and has to choose between some handsome guys, romance stuff) right now we don't have any plot or setting.

that would be great if you know someone that could work with us!! :heart:
jagrier Apr 10, 2012  Professional Writer
I have created an Art Feature, "Poetry+Art: Early April Poetry" [link] that may be of interest to your members (one of the poems is from your group). Thanks!
applescruff69 Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting my journals! :)
applescruff69 Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for letting me join!
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